National University of Civil Protection of Ukraine

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Fire Security4 years$2,000UA
Civil Protection4 years$2,000UA
Occupational Health4 years$2,000UA
Psychology4 years$2,000UA
Public Management and Administration4 years$2,000UA
Fire Security1,5$2,100UA
Civil Protection1,5$2,100UA
Occupational Health1,5$2,100UA
Public Management and Administration1,5$2,100UA

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National University of Civil Protection of Ukraine has a glorious historical past and old traditions. Its history dates back to July 17, 1928. The University is a leading educational institution of the State Emergencies Service of Ukraine that has IVth accreditation level of Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science which is the highest in Ukraine.

Over the years, the school has produced more than 40 thousand highly qualified fire and rescue specialists. More than 900 people have completed school with honors. the students and staff of the institution often involved in the suppression of large and complex fires in different parts of Ukraine. In October 1986, 10 volunteer cadets of HPTU led by their chief-officer took an active part in the aftermath of the Chernobyl accident.

There are 98 modern educational classrooms in the educational institution, including 14 lecture halls, 22 specialized classes, 8 stationary computer classes, 21 research laboratories. The university widely uses video conferencing, webcasting and webinar technologies to maintain science-practical conferences and events that promote university interdisciplinary and international relations.

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Key Dates

Standard Admission:

1 of October – application deadline (request an Invitation to study).

25 of October – arrival deadline (the final date you must arrive at the University).

Late Admission:

30 of January – application deadline (request an Invitation to study).

25 of February – arrival deadline (the final date you must arrive at the University).

Preparatory Department:

There are no application deadlines (request an Invitation to study).

But you have to arrive at the University during the 6 months after you have gotten an Invitation.

1 of May-15 of August – a period when the Preparatory Department does not accept new arrivals.

Admission Process

First stage (before arrival):

1. Request the University for an Invitation to study in Ukraine.

2. Collect all required documents for getting Student Visa for Ukraine.

3. Notify the University about your arrival date and time. It is a must requirement! In case you don’t do that, the University will not be able to send a Confirmation letter to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. As a result, you will be you will be banned from entering the country and you will be sent back home right from the Ukrainian airport.

Second stage (after arrival):

1. Bring the required package of documents to the University.

2. Pass an interview on the main subjects of a chosen specialty (e.g. Math, Chemistry etc.) if necessary.

3. Make a payment for the study and hostel.

4. Pass a medical examination.

5. Open a bank account.

6. Temporary residence permit for students in Ukraine.

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