Invitation to study in Ukraine

Requesting a university for an Invitation to study it is the starting point of the admission process in Ukraine. You can see an example of an Invitation below:


To get the Invitation applicants have to provide a chosen university with the following documents:

1. Scanned copy of valid passport (at least a year before the expiration of your international passport must remain).

2. Scanned copy of the document(s) of previous education. That would be Certificates and Transcripts of all your educational achievements (e.g. O level/A level/SSCE/HSSCE/ WAEC /NECO/ Bachelor/Master certificates etc.)

Note! All documents confirming your education must undergo a procedure of recognition of foreign qualifications in Ukraine.

3. Scanned copy of a personal data application form signed by an applicant.

4. Scanned copy of a Consent to the processing of personal data signed by an applicant.

In case of a positive decision on your request you will have to pay for:

1. The Invitation

2. Visa support with bank commission

3. Mail delivery

On an average, the total sum necessary to receive an Invitation to study is about $200. After you make the payment a university sends you an Invitation to study in Ukraine via a mail service (e.g. DHL, Aramex, CityExpress). Usually, it takes about 1-2 weeks before you get an original of Invitation.

Please, take into account that an Invitation to study in Ukraine is valid for 6 months from the date of its issuance! 

Keep in mind that your request may be denied by a university in the cause of low grades by main subjects. However, you are free to make a request to any other university for an Invitation to study in Ukraine. Only note that in Ukraine, two Invitations to study can’t be issued simultaneously! So it is better to think twice before making the final choice of a future university! Thus, you need to withdraw your previous request before sending a new one. To do that, send an email to the Ukrainian State Center for International Education at []. In the message specify a reason for your withdrawal, attach a copy of your passport and a photo of an already received Invitation (if you have it). The withdrawal procedure can take a lot of time.

As soon as you have got a сonfirmation of issuance of an invitation, start collecting documents for getting Student Visa for Ukraine.