Study Nursing in Europe for low price in 2017/18

In this article, I will admire nurses and compare prices in different countries. I will tell you about studying nursing in Ukraine and about the great opportunities which the education gives.

Nurses are superheroes

Nursing is a good profession for kind persons. More than a half of them work in hospitals. You can find these nurses in Emergency, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Intensive Care, and Oncology.

Other nurses take care of people at their homes or work in hospices with patients dealing with end-of-life.

But nurses are necessary not only in a peacetime. They also help soldiers and civilians at war. They don’t have guns, they don’t shoot anybody. But sometimes they have to haul people when bullets fly above their heads.

Nurses serve people if disaster comes. Guess who worked hard and saved a lot of lives when Hurricane Katrina hit the United States in 2005? And there is an uncountable number of examples like that!

People are grateful to nurses and make monuments for them. There are memorials in Russia, USA, Australia, Ukraine etc.


Somebody tells that nurses are angels among us. I agree.

Nurses are in-demand

The Gulf News published a research in August 2017. In accordance to this, UK, USA, Canada, and Australia have a shortage of nurses. These states offer huge salaries even to expats. The United Kingdom pays from $2,000 per month to registered nurses. It is a good opportunity to relocate for those who dream about living in a developed country.

I was interested and I started to search. I asked myself, “How much does a person have to pay for studying nursing in that 4 countries?” Then, I wrote my question in Google and made a little research. Seek it below.

Country Average annual cost of nursing education
The United Kingdom $14,000
The USA $18,500
Canada $12,000
Australia $20,000

I am not a politician, not an economist. I can only imagine the reasons. You might consider my thoughts silly. But maybe mentioned states have a shortage in nurses because of the expensive education…

Nurses are trained in Ukraine

If you have a good soul you should become a nurse. You can study anywhere if you have a lot of money. But if you don’t want to waste all money from your wallet, studying in Ukraine is a great option for you.

This is the country which offers an affordable and a high-quality education. Ukrainian universities have to compete with educational establishments in more developed states. Because of that, local institutions set low prices.

It is an attractive feature for foreigners. Thus, 64 thousands of them study in Ukraine this year.

Zhytomyr Institute of Nursing is a higher educational establishment situated in Zhytomyr. It was founded in 1875. Nursing is the main direction of study in the institution.

You can get a Bachelor’s and Master’s diploma there. Study for Bachelor’s degree lasts 4 years. When you become a Bachelor, you are able to continue education and get a Master’s degree. It takes 2 years.

Tuition fee depends on a degree you want to achieve.

Bachelor in nursing Master in nursing
1 year $1,550 $1,650
2 year $1,150 $1,150
3 year $1,250 ——
4 year $1,350 ——

The language of instructions is Russian. You have to study at a preparatory department before you enter the Zhytomyr Institute of Nursing. At the preparatory department, you will learn the language and sciences related to human health. Studying there lasts 10 months.

After studying you will get a European diploma which is recognized worldwide. You will be able to come back to your motherland or to go anywhere you want. You will be able to work even in the mentioned UK, USA, Canada, and Australia.

So, nursing is a profession for kind people who want to take care of others. The specialists are in-demand in the most developed countries. Degree in nursing opens a great opportunity to work abroad and to get a good salary.

If you want to become a nurse I advise you to study in Ukraine. Zhytomyr Institute of Nursing is a good establishment with a long history.

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