Get visa to Ukraine by new super rules of 2017

In March 2017, Ukraine adopted new rules for issuing visas. Now you can choose the day when you come to the Embassy. You can also get a passport with your visa by post. The document will be done within 10 days. MyStudying has figured out the intricacies of the new law and how it will affect foreign enrollees.

What’s New?


Visa rules 2017


You can fill in an application form for Ukraine entry at the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Put the main information, your phone number, and e-mail. Schedule a date when you are going to attend the Embassy. Make sure you have prepared all required documents before the visit.

Embassy takes a consular fee for making a visa. Different categories of visas cost from $85 to $200 before 2017. Now each of them costs $65.

Visa will be done within 10 days after you bring all documents. If you need to come to Ukraine urgently, you can get an Emergency visa. It will cost twice as much.

When you arrive in Ukraine, you will have to make the documents to stay for studying. Foreigners had 45 days to do this before. Visa revoked if a person had left the country during this period. Now you have 3 months to make the documents. You can leave the country and come back as many times as you want and no one cancels your visa.

Get your visa without going to the embassy

Some countries have not embassies of Ukraine. Districts of embassy responsibility often include several countries. Sometimes people have to go across the whole continent just to get a visa. Possibility to obtain the visa without personal visiting the embassy saves money and time.

There are two ways to get a visa without coming to the embassy.

First way. Visa via mail service.

After you filled in an application form on the Internet, collect required documents and send them by post. The new law allows it. If there is a necessity in an interview a consul may contact you by Skype or another video chat service. You will receive an email with a time arrangement. An embassy may send you passport with a visa by post. However, you will have to pay for the delivery. Open an account in a postal company and a courier will bring your document to you.

Problem: Legislation of your country may forbid sending documents by post. Ask in a postal company.

Second way. Send your representative.

You can allow another person to bring your documents to the embassy and take back your passport after. In order to do that write an authorization letter. Use this way if your friend or relative lives in a country where an embassy of Ukraine is.

Problem: Find out how to write an authorization letter correctly.

Countries which citizens must come to the embassy personally

At present, citizens of 86 countries have to bring their documents to the embassy and pass an interview personally. There is the list of countries which citizens must come to the Embassy of Ukraine at least once during the process of obtaining a visa. If your country is in the list you should bring documents to an embassy in person. However, you can get your passport with a visa by post.

Some countries from the list haven’t embassies. You have to go to another country where the embassy is situated. Make sure this consular district includes your land.


Country Embassy


Documents you have to provide to get a student visa for Ukraine

  1. A filled-in and signed application form for Ukraine entry. Since March 2017, it is possible to fill the application form online;
  2. A passport that must meet the following requirements:
    • be valid not less than three months after the declared date of departure from the territory of Ukraine
    • contain at least two free pages
    • the term of action is not more than 10 years


  3. Original of the Invitation to Study;
  4. Original of birth certificate and its copy legalized or apostilled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  5. Original of a high school certificate and its copy legalized or apostilled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  6. Original of a transcript (school results) and its copy legalized or apostilled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  7. A medical certificate legalized or apostilled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Note that it should be issued not earlier than 2 months before arrival in Ukraine;
  8. A certificate of AIDS absence (Aids test, HIV test) results. The certificate also should be legalized or apostilled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  9. A copy of a medical insurance which must be valid minimum 6 months at the moment of filing documents for visa;
  10. The notarized document of the financial support from the father/mother/brother/sister (other relatives are not permitted);
  11. The Bank statement for the last 6 months of a person who provides you with financial support;
  12. Reservation of round-trip tickets (tickets with an open date);
  13. 2 photos (colored, 3,5×4,5 on a light background, a face on the photo is not less than 70-80%);
  14. A document confirming the payment of the consular fee in the amount of $65.

The new law makes a visa obtaining process easier. Foreigners who want to study in Ukraine can get a visa without going to the embassy. They can just send required documents by post and talk with a consul via the internet. All they need is to pay $65 consular fee and open an account in a postal company.

But citizens of 86 countries must come to the Embassy at least once. Nevertheless, the new law obviously made their life easier, because now they don’t need to come to an embassy two or more times.

Just imagine, some of them had been forced to cross the whole continent 4 times simply to make one single document – visa which is a ticket to the future. But today is different. Let’s hope people won’t miss the new opportunities that have been given.

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2017-07-22 23:39:46
What is the rules and regulation for tourist visa? Say,I am Shabbir ali ahmed,I am living in south Africa as permanent resident and my occupation is business.originally I am from bangladesh and still I am using bangladeshi pass port cause my south African citizen application under process so if there is any rules Can assist me to have ucrain visa?thanks
Stewart Muchenje
2017-07-23 06:57:31
Good day, I just want to know about the process of how got a work permit to work in Ukraine. Is it possible for me to obtain a visa first then go there and look for work and get a work permit after I get a job? Thank I Regards Stewart Muchenje
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Hi, Godwin! We have several offers by requested specialty. Please, use the button "Apply Online" at the top of the screen or just check your inbox, our manager has already answered you. Regards.
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