Enter a European University without entry exams

Applying an abroad university is a difficult process itself. Add here the requirement to sit exams with no guarantees to pass and it becomes even tougher. I personally would like to be sure that I’ll be accepted anyway. What about you? If it is your case also, continue reading.

Some countries don’t have lots of higher educational establishments. There are 5 universities in Ivory Coast, 3 in Niger and only one university in Gambia and Lesotho. Almost 2 million people live in Gambia. Do you think a single university is enough for all young people who want to get a degree? Definitely not.

The limited number of universities creates a big competition. Studying abroad becomes a solution for those who have not passed exams in the motherland. Others want to travel, make friends around the world and get European education.

Different people have different motivations but everybody wants to be sure that they will not be sent back to their country after they have spent money to get a visa, trip to a country and made other expenses.

The power of Preparatory Department

There are 228 higher educational establishments in Ukraine where international students study. Universities don’t demand from them to sit entry exams. Institutions just take a document which confirms that an enrollee really has studied at the preparatory department. An applicant has to bring them the document.

A preparatory department is a place where foreigners learn Russian and sciences related to their future specialty. Studying lasts for 10 months there. It costs $2250 including a hostel and other expenses.

Preparatory Department abolishes the requirement of sitting exams and gives you almost 100% guarantee that you will become a student. I said ‘almost’ because some situations may thwart your plans. I mean such unpredictable occasions as a sudden attack of pterodactyls or fall of giant meteorite 😉 Just kidding of course but you got the point, right? Ready to take your chances? Complete the online application.

When Preparatory Department is not necessary

Also, you can find a specialty which is taught in English. Many universities in Ukraine offer such programs. They usually cost more than programs in Russian.

If you know the language you don’t need to waste your time at a preparatory department. All you have to do is to prove your knowledge. University may invite you for an interview where you will speak.

Why to become a student in Ukraine is so simple

To be honest, some universities give tests for enrollees. For example, Kharkiv National Medical University. But tests there are simple and they check only general knowledge. We don’t know anyone who wouldn’t have passed the tests.

Ibrahim Diallo is a client-manager in the MyStudying company. He is from Guinea. He helps international students, defends their rights and solves their problems. I have asked him several questions.

Why do Ukrainian universities accept international students without exams?

– In my opinion, money which students pay for education and hostels are very helpful for the country. Also, it is a good income for universities. But nevertheless, the quality of education in Ukraine is high.

Are there people who doubt the quality of education because there are no exams?

– Some people doubt. There are even students who study hard and get good marks but doubt anyway.

Is it an attractive opportunity for enrollees or not?

– It is attractive. It is scary to fail exams after you have paid for visa and for the road to Ukraine. Enrollees want guarantees.

Do you know somebody who had got a degree in Ukraine and found a good job in their motherland after that?

– I know many examples. I have a friend from Cameroon, we have met in Ukraine. Now he manages Bafoussam Airport. Another friend of mine is also a headmaster of the firm which repairs cars.

So, if dinosaurs and meteorites wouldn’t stop you, you will become a student of a European university. All you need to do is to complete a simple form. Ukraine is open for young smart people who want to study. Isn’t this about you?

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