Battle of 3U 2017: Cost of study in the US, UK, and Ukraine

Many young people dream to study in well-known developed countries. Somebody wants to get a degree in best institutions of the UK, somebody – in the US. Enrollees are attracted to culture, history and current success of these states. But competition is high and tuition fees in the US and UK are the highest in the world. MyStudying compared costs for studying in the US, UK, and Ukraine.

The United States The United Kingdom Ukraine
Average tuition fee per year $26 000 $20 000 $3 000
Average cost of living per year $11 000 $12 000 $4 000
Total $37 000 $32 000 $7 000

Сost of studying and living in the US is $37 000. The expenses in the UK is for $5 000 less. The data has been taken from the Numbeo and HSBC research.

Cost of living in Ukraine is $4 000 per year. Hostels in Ukraine are cheap. The average fee for a hostel is $250 per year.

We’ve analyzed current education prices in Ukraine. They start from $1500 and go up to $4510.

How much do different specialties cost in US and UK?

Dentistry (average tuition fee per year) Medicine (average tuition fee per year) Pharmacy (average tuition fee per year) Economics (average tuition fee per year) Computer science (average tuition fee per year) International law (average tuition fee per year)
The United States $33 000 $41 000 $37 000 $27 000 $27 000 $30 000
The United Kingdom $33 000 $29 000 $22 000 $16 000 $16 000 $17 000

We’ve used current prices in the US and UK. Education in the US is more expensive. Possibly it is because of the US universities constantly take first places in the world university rankings.

Dentistry, Medicine, and Pharmacy are the most expensive specialties. If we add cost of living to them we’ll get even a higher figure.

How much do different specialties cost in Ukraine?

Dentistry Medicine Pharmacy Economics Computer science International law
$4 500 $4 200 $4 000 $2 000 $2 300 $2 000

Average costs of most popular specialties vary from $2000 to $4500. Worth depends on the language of instruction, institution, and degree.

There are three languages of instruction in Ukraine: English, Russian and Ukrainian. You can choose a language you want to study in. Studying in Russian or Ukrainian is typically cheaper than in English. But some universities offer study in different languages at the same price. For example, the Alfred Nobel University in Dnipro. All Bachelor programs cost $1650 there.

Studying in Master’s program is usually more expensive than in Bachelor`s program. In the Kharkiv University of Civil Engineering and Architecture future bachelors pay $1800 per year for studying economics and future masters pay $2000.

Price also depends on a prestige, amount of professors and achievements of a university. Studying International Law in The Yaroslav Mudryi Law University costs $1800 for the first year and $1200 for each following year. Studying the same course in The V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University costs $2600. Karazin University regularly enters the top three of the best Ukrainian educational establishments.

Why Ukraine

There are 228 higher educational institutions which teach foreigners. At present, 64 thousands of international students study in Ukraine. They are from 147 countries.

Ukraine is the biggest state in Europe. Diplomas of Ukrainian universities are recognized in the whole world. The country signed up the Apostille Convention which abolished the requirement of legalization for foreign documents for a number of countries.

Ukrainian universities produce bachelors, masters, and doctors of philosophy. Education is based on the European standards.

It is worth to consider Ukraine if you want to study abroad. It is the country, where you will be able to get a good and affordable education. Also, you will make friends and have a nice time.

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