About us

OUR Story

In the distant 2007, my partner Natasha and me started helping future students to find and enter the universities of their dreams. As time passed, we’ve been getting more and more experience in the field, we began noticing a number of flaws in the process. The longer we were involved in that imperfect system, the more upset we were. So one day a crucial decision was made. And that is when our educational agency appeared. By the time we started, we have already known which pieces of work require the essential changes, so we successfully applied them. At present, we continuously improve our services to help more people with getting an education.

OUR Mission

We strongly believe that educated people change the World. And we are proud to be a part of those changes! You never know which one of the present or future students we help will be able to make a breakthrough in science, develop some new super useful device, find a cure for cancer or even make the space traveling possible. Inventors, politicians, computer geniuses, doctors… Real, brilliant specialists that influence other people’s lives one way or another. To become one, you need, besides a huge desire, to get a proper education in the right place. And we do our best to make it actually happen.



Founder, mastermind

The most important person in our company.

There is no MyStudying without him. Always generates genius ideas, looks for new possibilities to help future students and finds better ways to make your dreams of affordable higher education come true.


Co-founder, director

The most experienced member of our company.

Natasha is a co-founder at MyStudying. She works directly with students all over the world for almost 10 years already. Besides being a head of Customer Service Department, Natasha is also responsible for international partnership programs.


Data Analyst, Journalist

The most diligent member of our company.

Extremely promising and talented worker. Andrew not only collects the most important and relevant info concerning world’s educational institutions but he also has a rare ability to find a truly useful and unique information.


Senior SMM Specialist

The most inquisitive member of our company.

Jonathan is the one who all the time looks for something new, interesting, useful and inspiring to share with our community on the social network. This is the exact guy that personally answers all your questions and comments on Facebook.


Senior client manager

The most sociable and enormously communicative member of our company.

Ibrahima provides full support to the students during the whole period of their studying. Starting with the adaptation to a new country and ending with solving any difficulties that a student might face in a foreign land.


Video creator, youtube guru

The most creative member of our company.

Anton is a person with vivid imagination. He is responsible for all video content placing within our website and MyStudying YouTube channel. All the videos are thought out, shot and processed by Anton personally.


The Coach of Personal Growth

The wisest member of our company.

Roman makes possible a non-stop improvement in our teamwork. It is difficult to underestimate his contribution to the development of the company. Thanks to his valuable advice, we become better every day and learn how to be real friends, not just strangers in your life.


Full Stack Web Developer

The most adaptable member of our company.

Bogdan is the person who technically brings to life all the global ideas of our team. It is thanks to his amazing skills that our online service is able to function as it does.


Senior Software Engineer

The most inventive member of our company.

Maksim is the person able to find a solution for any issue that we face during the development process. A lot of website functions would not have appeared had it not been for Maksim’s perseverance.


UI/UX Designer

The most imaginative member of our company.

Alexander’s main concern is a user’s convenience while using our website. He makes sure that all parts of each of the website pages are placed exactly where they should be and, besides that, they are beautiful and please the eye.


Project manager, copywriter

The most organized and strict member of our company.

Kamila is a person that keeps an eye on the whole process. She manages all internal projects and makes sure that everything goes by the set schedule and is completed on time. Knowing answers to the questions “what”, “when” and “why” is her direct responsibility.